It’s time to re-explore shale play drilling


Can it be true that Black Monday has hit the Mahoning Valley again? How many times can we be knocked down?

Maybe from this tragedy a Phoenix will rise from the ashes. Maybe it’s time for local and state leaders to rally together to promote a very large asset that is right under our feet — the Marcellus and Utica Shale deposits where millions of cubic feet of natural gas lies in wait.

A new car for the Lordstown General Motors plant? How about a Chevy Tahoe powered by natural gas?

The possibilities are endless. Our state and local leaders need to approach the various drilling companies about taking another look at the Mahoning Valley. We have the skilled work force, and a “we-can-get-the-job-done” attitude that would be a valuable asset to any company looking to locate in the Valley. Instead of seeing nothing but doom and gloom we need to roll up our sleeves and move forward with the exploration for national gas. It may be an opportunity we cannot pass up.


Beaver Township