About midterm millennial turnout and climate change


For too long and for too many, politics has often seemed like merely a game played between parties on a national level rather than the high stakes contest for our future that it is.

However, that appears to be changing, especially with young people. According to the Atlantic, more than 3.3 million voters ages 18 to 29 voted via early ballot, a 188 percent increase from 2014. Overall youth turnout for the midterm elections was higher than it has been in at least a quarter century.

It’s clear that the Trump administration’s willful disregard for our planet and our health has lit a fire under young people. We know that the longer we delay action on climate change, the more dire our future looks. In fact, a poll conducted by the nonprofit Alliance for Market Solutions found that approximately 75 percent of millennials, regardless of party, agree that humans should take steps to slow or stop climate change.

As a student at The Ohio State University and an intern for the nonpartisan climate action group Defend Our Future, I am believe it’s time our elected leaders listen to the voices of young people. The new congress should hold the current administration accountable and push for progress on fighting climate change.




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