Which side of bench will you stand?


Thank goodness the telephone solicitation for politicians has stopped. How they choose people for a party is questionable to me.

I do not vote a party line. I vote for individual people I feel will serve us best. I believe there are good people in both parties. I do regret that judges are affiliated with a party with all the issues that can come before them. Will this affect their decisions? A friend yesterday shared that he talked with a person who was running for judge who was (registered) Democrat at the polling area, but is against abortion. My friend asked why a Democrat, and he responded that he always has been one. Do judges let themselves get swayed along party lines when no party line should be involved in cases? Unfortunately, I believe the answer is yes.

What are America’s motives today? If Americans laid everything their hearts desired on a table for analysis, they would realize that their hearts want lots of contradictory things. In a word, their hearts are not holy. We are not living exclusively for our one purpose; we are not living for God alone, the purpose for which we were created.

As D.L. Moody stated years ago, Napoleon tried to establish a kingdom by the force of arms. So did Alexander the Great, Caesar, Hitler and other warriors; but they utterly failed. Jesus founded His kingdom on love, and it is going to stand. When we get on to this plane of love, then all selfish and unworthy motives will disappear, and our work will stand the fire when God shall put it to the test.

The question for America today should be this — on which side of the bench do you want to stand: with the judge or before the judge?

That’s the message America needs to be expressing to people, not putting down God and religion.

Where do you stand? With God or against Him?