Sound off!

Does Ohio need a “stand your ground” law? Sure! Weekly we read about innocent Ohioans being indicted and sent off to prison for defending themselves — not! Ohio’s prosecutors have warned us: This law (used by thugs like Zimmerman) is more likely to be used by drug dealers to “off” those who would rip them off. Read the local news. So far on the Castle Doctrine, prosecutors have been right! Use a little common sense here.

— Warren

This is to all the people who park on the sidewalk all year long on Orchard Avenue in Niles: Do you think its part of your property? Come on, police!

— Niles

Recycling sites do not want plastic bags placed inside their bins. So how about placing smaller receptacles next to the bins to collect the plastic bags? Doing so would help the recycle effort and protect your recycling equipment from sustaining damage.

— Braceville

In response to the Tribune poll question about whether convicted felons should be permitted to vote: They should. If they’ve already served their time, they shouldn’t be further punished by being disenfranchised for life.

— Mineral Ridge

Society isn’t doing enough to get felons back to work. Who wants to hire them? So in order to survive, they do what they have to do. I think pay for the crime and be done. Why do you think there are so many re-offenders? One time, wipe records clean!

— Howland

In response to the Tribune poll question about where Warren should spend money to study parking issues: I personally would rather see money spent on plowing and salting roads, mowing of grass Warren is responsible for, our awesome police department because — let’s face it — there is more crime than they can handle even fully staffed, the trash being dumped and litter everywhere, road conditions and sewers backing up when it storms … So many others things that can be and should be done before spending what will most likely cost over $10,000 on a “study” that does nothing of substance for Warren. We need money to go to things of action.

— Warren

I guess the parking garage didn’t solve Warren’s parking issue. Here’s a tip Warren, get rid of the parallel spaces and put in angle parking! You just doubled your spaces.

— Cortland

Why is the city suing the county and tying up more of our tax money? Again we have an appropriate committee including a law director / law department that should be utilized. Otherwise, downsize our city’s government salaries if they’re going to waste our money! After 53 years, I’m about ready to move out of Warren city.

— Warren