Sound off!

I get so angry every time we have to pay our property taxes. Most of the money we pay goes toward schools, and in Warren, the schools still are receiving poor grades. Terrible!

— Warren

Frequent TV commercials are on Medicare advantage, and we receive five or six Medicare advantage sales brochures every week. Each one is more confusing than the last. If this is what privatized Medicare looks like, I don’t want it. Keep regular Medicare the way it is and don’t let insurance CEOs create a more confusing system like our under-65 health care system is today.

— Cortland

Motor vehicles are more lethal than any firearm. Most Americans operate these “deadly weapons” every day. These vehicles are capable of ending more lives than firearms. If we all know, understand and follow the laws, we are all safe on roadways. If you think you are more important than everyone else or think you need to get somewhere faster, you may kill yourself, or worse, you may kill innocent people. Gun violence is bad, but your driving is worse!

— Leavittsburg