Immigrants get more than Americans


When I went to the welfare office to apply for a Medicaid card, I waited for hours because I really need my medication.

They sent me to Social Security, and I waited there for three hours.

After I finally talked to a person, they sent me a letter saying I make too much money.

With the money I get, I’d be living under a bridge or in a safe house, but because I have a handicapped son, I combine my income with his, which isn’t as much as mine, but at least I can keep a roof over our heads and food, and we’re together.

What blows my mind is when immigrants come across our borders, the first thing they did was give them a place to live, food stamps and a medical card.

Is this how they say Americans first?

I am an American, age 82 and trying to make it to 83. That is the way it works when you can’t get an inhaler to help breathe or medication.

I just hope no one else has to go through this.