Cordray, Brown and Ryan stand for jobs and health care


The unemployment rate throughout the country has reached 3.7 percent. Here in Trumbull County, the rate remains at 5.2 percent. We rank 84 out of 88 counties in the state. People believe the jobs that Trump promised will come, but they won’t be materializing.

Even worse, salaries remain stagnant. Managers have received average wage increases of 15.7 percent while non-managers’ wages have increased 2.7 percent. Trumbull County average wages are almost 30 percent lower than the national average.

Income from corporate taxes has fallen 31 percent because of Trump’s tax cuts. Majority Speaker Mitch McConnell vows to make up that income by cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Rich Cordray as our new governor plans to make workforce retraining a reality for many displaced workers to help them land new and better-paying jobs. Integrating funding for infrastructure repair means even more jobs, plus cleaner water, an improved energy grid, and much more.

Cordray, with Sherrod Brown and Tim Ryan, will oversee health care insurers and require providers to perform with greater transparency. Persons with pre-existing conditions will not lose insurance coverage. Cordray will protect the Medicaid expansion so that all services including treatment for opioid addiction continue without interruption.