An election quiz for people of Niles

Dear Editor:

Who is worse at doing their job for the people of Niles ä the city of Niles or the Niles schools?

Start with city hall. The city is still under state control, so why did the city have a mausoleum built at $30,000 without the city council or the cemetery board knowing about it?

And why was it built by an out-of-town company, when two Niles companies would have done it for $5,000 less?

Niles schools need more money, an 11.7 mill permanent levy ä thatás forever. Will they then ask for another levy next year?

Maybe the school would not be short of money if they didnát spend thousands for lawyer fees to fight teachers fired for taking sick days off. Iád like to thank the teacher for not taking their sickness to school and thinking of the kids first.

They say the teacher later in the day was in Howland coaching the golf team. Sometimes you feel bad in the morning, but feel better in the afternoon.

The school cares about our kids? They make a 6-year-old walk a quarter mile for the bus when it goes right in front of the the childás house.

Who are you voting for? Who is doing worse?

Maybe it is the people of Niles who keep electing those that run the city and the school.