Multiple forms of government are good


Socialist countries do not all end up being dictatorships. We have socialism in our country that works very well.

Social Security is one example. So are our highways, roads and bridges; our police and fire departments; and our public education system.

These are all forms of socialism and so is, believe it or not, any insurance system. The fact that capitalism uses socialism to make profit can be seen in the insurance systems.

One also can argue that capitalism ends up creating de facto dictatorships. Trump is a prime example of the U.S. in the process of choosing to turn into a dictatorship.

There is no need to go all in on any one form of government — that is what has made the U.S. so successful in the past. There has been a big push by Republicans over the years to turn the government into a private enterprise. Imagine having to pay to go down every road or bridge you use everyday. Privatizing roads, highways and bridges would do that. Or if you got a bill from the fire department after having them come to put out a fire at your home. Or if you had to pay a police officer when you call for help. Worse, try getting your children educated when you don’t have a lot of money.

Trump’s favorite people — ones he wants to be U.S. immigrants — are from a socialist country, Norway. The lack of understanding of what socialism is and what true capitalism is, is pervasive, thanks to the lies spread by anti-socialist people.

Socialism and capitalism have the same goals. The difference is with capitalism, goals are entrusted to those in control of the profits. They have responsibility to distribute those profits fairly and equitably. As we have seen, most corporations care only about themselves, stock holders and management. They shirk their responsibilities to their workers and even customers. Socialism puts laws in place to prevent most of this from happening. There are still very rich and well-to-do people, but the people are taken care of much better in a system of socialism, especially in the area of health care.

Anyone who thinks Social Security is going bankrupt doesn’t understand the truth. There is more than $3 trillion in the savings account of Social Security. Good as cash. That’s what Republicans want to take from the people. Don’t be fooled like a Trump voter. Government is not bad. Those who run it matter. Without government, your dollar is worthless.