School CEO Mohip needs to resign


When Krish Mohip took the helm as the CEO of the Youngstown City School District, the community at large had high hopes. After all, under years of board mismanagement something had to give. The conventional wisdom at the time was that one skilled, level-headed leader could cut through all of the board bickering and personal agendas to get results for our students. Even some who opposed the state takeover were willing to at least give the CEO a chance in the hopes that it could improve our children’s chance at a decent education. I once counted myself among that number. While vehemently opposed to a state takeover, I still wanted to see what Mr. Mohip could bring to the table — for the sake of our children.

We’ve seen more than enough. Two years of overspending, bloated administrative salaries, frivolous photo ops and indefensible conflicts of interest haven’t yielded any real academic results for our children. In fact, their progress has taken a large step backwards as the K-3 Literacy Improvement mark went from a B to a D this year. That stunning two-grade level drop in Mr. Mohip’s report card should come with a red-inked “see me after class” next to it. Last year’s B mark in K-3 literacy was due to programming in the district that preceded Mr. Mohip’s tenure. In two years, he managed to ruin that rare bright spot in the district’s performance.

Published reports attributed the first year’s results under the new regime, which included the B in K-3 Literacy Improvement, to the board but noted that second year results belonged to the CEO. Well, the second year results are in and it’s time to hold the CEO and this new regime accountable.

Let’s face it, Mohip is only here at this point because no other district he applied to would take him — with good reason. His badmouthing of Youngstown in Boulder and elsewhere was to no avail as those comparatively functional districts took a look at his record and decided they could do better. The Academic Distress Commission should show at least as much common sense as those districts and decide that Youngstown can and must do better. The Academic Distress Commission should ask for Mr. Mohip’s resignation.


Member, Youngstown Board of Education