Capitalism sure beats socialist government


Mueller’s investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion is a great tool used to divert, distract and mislead voters for the mid-term election and this sleight of hand will most likely continue. Anyone who thinks they are immune to this type of scrutiny is a person who is next in line for sainthood or dead. You can continue to listen to impeachment talks and hate-filled speech toward our President or think about what really is going on in our country. What’s going on is a battle between socialism and capitalism.

For the last several years we have heard people say capitalism is evil and only for the greedy, only a few get rich and many are impoverished. These are the same people who feel socialism is fair, kind and compassionate. As many of us know, both statements are false. Democrats are now embracing socialism and casting aspersions on capitalism faster than ever before. If you want to be a rising political star in the Democratic party all you have to do is embrace socialism.

The idea that “capitalism” has failed us is absurd. Great achievements have never come from bureaucratic governments of the world; great achievements have come from individuals pursuing their dreams. Individuals putting sweat equity and private resources on the line risking total loss to achieve their goals. Many have failed only to try again and again. In a nutshell, the world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests, not on supporting the collective. The end result is economic prosperity for many because of jobs created by risk-taking individuals.

On the other hand, socialism is a structure of government that calls for public ownership of property, industry and resources. Instead of pay according to individuals skills, you are paid equally no matter education level or work skills. Benefits such as health care and education are all controlled by the government which means the government now controls your mind and body. This robs the individual’s liberty, squelches creativity, crushes ambition because there’s nothing for you to achieve. Your freedom is lost and only the government bureaucrats achieve wealth. If that sounds good to you, then Cuba might be your country of choice.

I am a capitalist. I believe in fair markets, the opportunities they create for all, the freedom to choose your occupation in life and the ability to reinvent yourself over and over again. Nothing on earth will ever be fair, but capitalism sure beats having no liberty or avenue to succeed as in a socialist government. The greatest disparity between rich and poor is found in socialist countries, so why would we embrace that here?




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