Writer shows disdain for Donald Trump


This is in response to a writer whose name, out of courtesy, I will withhold.

Several weeks ago, I wrote an informative letter to the editor, but obviously it was contrary to her liberal opinions.

I am of the belief that everyone should read these letters at least a couple of times in order to comprehend the point and to make a more knowledgeable reply.

The responding letter writer criticized everything, and yet offers nothing to support her criticism, which is exactly the mantra of liberal Democrats.

But the most important part of my comments that cannot be refuted is this: If Hillary Clinton had won and was our president today, none of us would be the wiser as to the extraordinary amount of corruption done at the highest level within our government, including our once highly regarded FBI and Department of Justice.

Also, each of us has the freedom to read or listen to whatever we so choose; therefore, I would suggest that if she finds my letters so troubling, then she should abstain from reading them. Actually, the opposing writer’s letter indicates more than anything her great disdain for President Donald J. Trump.