Vote yes for zoning change in Lordstown


A yes vote on Tuesday for the Lordstown zoning change is for our schools, our kids and our future.

Opponents have cited numerous problems with the zoning change from water runoff to too many vehicles on the road and other negative factors. It’s time we looked at the positive aspects.

This property should have been zoned industrial 50 years ago. Just because our ancestors thought it should be residential does not mean they were right. Things change, zoning changes and the area needs change. This land has been farmland as long as I can remember. There are no shovels going into the ground to build residences and no developers looking to build homes on this property.

Our elected officials, after careful study, feel this zoning change is correct.

I read several articles where industry has gone away in small urban areas and show this as an example: a major industry shuts down, workers lose their jobs, a business owner worries and holds off buying a new vehicle, the local auto dealer lays off employees because people aren’t buying, contributions to local charities decline, local charities increases day camp fees so parents cannot afford to send their children — the ripple effect continues.

Locally, the entire Mahoning Valley fears this: Will the local GM plant close?

Let’s be proactive and let the TJX distribution center have the land they feel is best for their project. They have committed to donating 100+ acres to Trumbull County MetroParks for a natural buffer or conservation space. Ohio EPA will monitor and prevent future development there and protect the land from residential and commercial activity and timbering. The agency is working with the easement holder to write into the covenant that future oil and gas drilling will not be permitted. They have addressed stormwater runoff and agreed to create a berm and swale, pending engineering approval, with state-of-the-art fire suppression system. TJX Home Goods will pay for all this.

Regarding the Ohio Realtors supporting the project, remember, for most, your home is your biggest investment. Ohio Realtors is your partner in protecting that investment. Formed in 1910, the association now counts as the state’s largest professional trade organization with more than 30,000 members who are real estate professionals, with almost 1,000 located locally. Ohio Realtors are the major champion of private property rights in Ohio — the rights homeowners enjoy now and expect to preserve for generations.

Ohio Realtors has a big stake in helping our communities maintain property values.

Remember, a yes vote for the zoning change is yes for our schools and for our future by allowing TJX HomeGoods distribution center to build here.