Fellow writer spreads unproven theories


This is in response to a Letter to the Editor titled ‘Deep State goes after Trump’ from Elizabeth Balson.

The letter is full of conspiracy theories and is misleading. The writer ranted about Hillary Clinton, corruption in the FBI and a theory that the “Washington establishment” supports the overthrow of Trump.

This writer’s unsubstantiated rantings offering no evidence are posted in this forum continually and read like an episode of Fox Entertainment. Her claims that a “long and convoluted coverup and investigation” couldn’t possibly be explained in such a “simple” letter are ludicrous.

This is the reason uninformed voters shoot themselves in the foot at the ballot box.

Her words will come back to haunt her. “The enormous divide in this country, the mean-spirited discourse and the hatred spewed from all those in power should be very unsettling to all Americans.”

She should take a page from her own discourse. Stop spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.