Trump has shown treason against US


As far as I am concerned, President Donald Trump already showed treason against America. When you stand before the world and say you believe Russia more than America’s intelligence agencies, that is treason against your own country if you are the leader of that country.

Our government should have typed up the procedure for Trump’s removal shortly after he made that comment. Our government would be dysfunctional to let him remain the full term in office, using that slander against our nation.

Prior to this meeting with Vladimir Putin, Trump meets with our European allies and insults the group. If he is playing by the strategy of divide and conquer, he is doing a great job of it. He is dividing America’s government and people, along with its allies. He is dismantling our government every day he remains in office.

You cannot take a billionaire with his track record of scandals and expect a president of high integrity; you cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. If you think he will put his empire on hold for four years, you are highly mistaken. He is making avenues for new wealth for himself while holding this office and harming Americans in the process. He is about showboating, money and power and how to increase it.

For any who doubt my statements, pull your head from the sand and pay more attention to reality or face your coming perdition.