Trump dividing the nation


This is in response to an article that was in Sunday, June 24, Tribune, “Trumbull women revisit Trump.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let’s talk fact vs. fiction, “fake news” as Trump says.

Fact: Trump and his administration separated children from their parents at the border. This did not have to happen because this was his policy — not a law.

Fiction: Trump and his administration stated that this was law and the children had to be separated and there was nothing he could do. Then later in the week, because of the pressure he received, he wrote an executive order stopping his policy of separation of families at the border. Wow, he did the impossible.

Fact: The various facilities that are housing these children at first denied entrance to various elected government representatives. When they did let them in, no cameras were allowed. These elected representatives reported that treatment and conditions varied by location because of inadequate staffing. In some locations where infants and young children are housed, crying could be heard. Some of these children have already been sent to other locations thousand of miles away. Some will never be reunited with their parents. The implementation of family separation was poorly thought out before it was put into action.

Fiction: These children have never been treated better in their life even though we separated them from their parents.

This country, because of Trump and his action on many things, is more divided now than in many years. I see a pattern of what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s happening now in this country. But good people in this country won’t let this happen. It will be stopped.