Stop Mother Earth frackers


The recent toxic gas leak by ProFrac and resultant community evacuation in Girard should be a wake-up call for us all.

Everything about fracking is inherently toxic, including the propaganda supporting this imminent and growing danger to our environment and public health. Agreeing with this critical assessment are some 7,000 voters caught in the belly of this beast in Ohio’s 6th Congressional District who voted for my anti-fracking candidacy this year.

More citizens need to join the enlightenment and stop these invasive frackers in their polluted tracks. What is happening throughout Appalachian Ohio, including our community, with the wholesale invasion of out-of-state profit-hungry fracking industries could not be worse if an avaricious alien force had taken over and systematically depleted our natural resources; poisoned our water wells and aquifers; prostituted our elected officials; ruined our roads; contaminated our lakes; destroyed our public forests; and harmed our health, leaving a path of destruction and despair when finished raping mother earth for their pleasure and profit.


Newton Falls