Plastic waste is big problem


I applaud Warren for beginning to address problems of plastic waste in our environment and brainstorming some possible solutions.

Plastic bags were addressed, but our problems are much larger.

I use my grocery bags in the waste can so as to not buy more plastic for liners. I also compost vegetable kitchen scraps in my garden, reuse a plastic straw at restaurants and gave up plastic water bottles.

Then I go shopping and come home with toilet tissue wrapped in plastic that was wrapped in plastic by the case loads, packages of meat in plastic wrap, fruits and vegetables put in plastic bags, bread sleeved in plastic and mouth wash plastic-wrapped three at a time. Then I arrive home to find my favorite magazines enveloped in plastic and a box from eBay with plastic bubble wrap inside and plastic taped on the outside. I put all this wrapping inside the largest plastic bag (in this case the toilet tissue wrapper) and place it in my garbage container for garbage pick-up day. When I bring my can back the next day, I find some plastic bags or wrappers that never made it in the garbage truck. I always hope they were never mine.

Keep brainstorming Warren, and thank you for considering my experiences.