Illegal immigration means illegal


Welcome to the world of politicians giving away American jobs.

Salem politicians knew the plant in Salem had illegal immigrants and did nothing to force this plant to hire legal citizens. All they were concerned about was the tax money that they received. And let’s not forget that the unions were also involved in this. Remember Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO was all for hiring illegal immigrants. The union has not figured out that Americans also pay union dues.

And what about the chamber of commerce? They also are connected to this practice. And let’s not let the churches off the hook. While I can understand their view, they need to look at the people in poverty who could use these jobs. Now they want to protest keeping of these illegals who stole other people’s identities.

These meat packing plants have been hiring illegal immigrants for years and our politicians looked the other way. How many dollars are these companies putting into the politicians’ re-election pockets? How many dinners and outings do our politicians get as a friend of these companies? Roofers, landscapers, restaurants, etc., are hiring illegals all the time. It is allowed to continue because the politicians are in the pockets of big business.

The voters need to stand up to the politicians that want open borders instead of giving our citizens jobs. Democrats along with Repubicans need to be replaced. Our congressman and some senators want open borders. Still American citizens need the jobs.