Evidence shows Russian involvement


President Trump is right when he calls the Mueller probe a disgrace; however, the disgrace is on him and his Russian Republican party for having colluded with Russia on the 2016 election.

That action is what caused the probe. His firing of the FBI director then saying to the Russian ambassador he got rid of the Russia investigation problem is another factor. Not releasing his taxes is proof he has something to hide about his past. He did it openly when he asked Russia to hack Clinton’s emails, and the Russians complied the next day. The party complied when it had the ambassador to Russia brought in the back door of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and then changed its platform to favor more for Russia.

I am so tired of the lies, especially the ones about saying no one in his campaign had any contacts with Russia or there is no “evidence” of collusion. There are at least five guilty pleas by people in his camp — major people — on lying about their contacts with Russia during the campaign. There are dozens of indictments of the Russians who worked to undermine our democracy that he denies happened. The evidence mounts with each new indictment. He has a Republican congressional candidate caught asking for stolen dirt on his Democratic opponent and getting it. I’m sure that indictment is coming in the future.

He is the weakest president we ever had on Russia and foreign policy. The only reason he can claim North Korea is not a threat is because he stopped bullying and calling Kim Jong Un names. Instead, he changed his tune as he always does, to suit the moment for his own personal gain. North Korea is not denuclearizing anytime soon, quite the opposite. He picks fights with Canada on trade when we have an $8 billion surplus with Canada, yet ignores the $10 billion trade deficit we have with Russia, his collusion buddy. He has no understanding of NATO and historians already rate him the worst.

The new Russian Republican Party is in control of our government, and it is doing everything it can to make it weaker. Russian Republicans do not do their job of oversight and have plunged this country into a crisis of his and their own making, with no regard for the country. His only regard is for tax cuts for the rich with tax hikes on the poor and, of course, applying a religious agenda to the Supreme Court. God have mercy on his soul because the voters in November won’t, not as long as they do their job and vote.