Discipline, respect make our nation strong


As we celebrate the 242nd birthday of the country, let us reflect on how America came to be.

Our forefathers looked at all types of governments before this one — monarchies, Hellenic, Roman — to come up with this democracy, with its checks and balances.

Is it perfect? No.

But they left openings — amendments to its Constitution.

Some of our people differ with the current administration, but you don’t see them leaving the U.S. for another country — there’s none better.

This is supposed to be a civilized society, educated and intelligent.

It’s OK to protest, but in a constructive way, not in a way that is belligerent, vile or childish.

We must be careful we don’t lose our freedom over hate in order to be an American.

As a World War II veteran, I join all veterans in upholding law and order in our nation. Discipline and respect is what makes us strong.

Capitalism is, by far, the best system for all citizens offering opportunities to achieve their goals in life.