Democrats using kids as political pawns


Former President Barack Obama and other previous presidents used the same immigration policy dealing with illegals crossing the border as President Donald Trump was using. It was not his policy, but one put in place in 1997.

Previous presidents put children in cages and in deplorable conditions. Pictures being used in today’s news are from 2014. It was so bad that Obama put a “catch and release” program in place. These people never showed up for their court dates, and we have no idea where they are. Recently, many illegals were working in Columbiana County.

It is documented the Obama administration was actually handing children over to human traffickers; this information is based on a Senate report and happened in Ohio in 2015.

One person, Arnoldo Castillo-Serrano, along with other people, posed as relatives. He worked them six to seven days per week, 12 hours per day. He was finally caught and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Seems Ohio is noted for this, as are many states. Never heard a word from Democrats or news media. They never shed a tear and never fixed it under their watch.

In came Trump and they cry foul. The president is right to be cautious. Who are bringing these children illegally into our country?

If he fixes the problem, Democrats will not work with him. What will they run on? Black lives don’t matter anymore to Democrats; they have moved on to illegals. Democrats have two beliefs — high crime and high taxes.

They are the ones using children as political pawns.

We as a nation cannot import more poverty; it has to be merit-based. We cannot even afford to feed people in our country. Illegal immigrants must stay in their country and their government must take care of them. The money we spend to help them is misspent. We are a generous country.

I want each and every citizen in this country to give up $500 per month from your welfare, pension and social security checks, for it costs $136 billion dollars per year to care for these people. It’s funny how these liberals cry for these people, but aren’t willing to do that. But they don’t mind when it’s added to the national debt.