‘Deep State’ is going after Donald Trump


For those who are not up to date with the laborious work of Judicial Watch, a conservative activist group, it has been successful in exposing the Deep State’s and the Washington, D.C., establishment’s very deceptive and egregious actions taken against President Donald Trump.

It has been proven there has been a total abuse of power and corruption going back to the Barack Obama administration and including the 2016 presidential election, the ongoing harassment and the attempt to have President Trump impeached no matter what it takes or how long.

There is no greater documentation of the abuse of authority than what has occurred over the past two years. The actions of the Deep State are a total disgrace and have cast a very dark period over our country. What is remarkable is how relentless this ordeal has been and what is worse is Democrats, and even some Republicans, know this and yet continue to discredit and deride this president in every way possible.

This entire three-ring circus originated with the questionable actions of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private computer and server. When things were not looking good for her, the Deep State tried to rig the 2016 election so that Hillary Clinton would win. When it did not go well for Clinton, there was an attempt by the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Washington, D.C., establishment and a cast of many other arrogant characters, who supported her virtual victory, to overthrow our duly elected president. This is such a long and convoluted cover-up and investigation that it would take much more to explain than this simple letter.

It all comes down to one very important fact and that is this — if Hillary Clinton had won and was our president today, none of us would be the wiser as to the extraordinary amount of corruption done at the highest level within our government, including our once highly regarded FBI and Department of Justice.

The enormous divide within this country, the mean-spirited discourse and the hatred spewed from all of those in power should be very unsettling to all Americans.