An apology needed from Trump voters


We are all Americans, and differences of opinions whether right or wrong should not divide us. The key to correcting our mistakes and repairing the damage is to admit to having made them and to work together to correct them and to make sure we don’t make them again. In this era of homegrown violence, movements like “Black Lives Matter,” “#MeToo” and social media’s offensive language tweets and posts, I believe we should start with an apology.

To those of us who voted for President Donald Trump I think it is time to apologize to those of us who didn’t. There is no shame in being conned; the crime is only perpetuated when those who have been victimized can’t or won’t admit to their having been victims, and it only ends when we face the fact that we have been victimized and are willing to say so.

We were conned into believing that a swamp creature would actually try to drain the swamp. The truth is it is unreasonable to expect a leopard to change its spots, or a swamp critter to destroy the environment that supports it. I believe it is time for those of us who voted for the most egregious and offensive affront to our democracy since the secession of the South to admit that we were wrong