Walkers, be aware of dogs in city


My husband and I walk daily for exercise, and while we were doing so early one morning last month, we noticed two stray pit bulls in the vicinity of Lincoln School on Warren’s northeast side.

We turned down a side street hoping they would not follow us but, unfortunately, they did and we were attacked and bitten repeatedly, my husband receiving the brunt of it because he held me behind him while trying to fend them off. The attack was totally unprovoked.

Had it not been for a kind woman who came out with a rake that helped my husband get the dogs off us and later drove us, despite our bleeding, back to our home, I fear things would have been even worse.

We received care at the hospital and started a series of rabies vaccines. Our wounds have healed and we have resumed our morning walks, but we are much more prepared should we have a similar experience.

We notified the police and were interviewed at the hospital but, to our knowledge, the dogs were never found. My concern is for the many walkers in our neighborhood and for the children who walk to school once classes resume. These dogs may be long gone, but people need to be aware of their surroundings and to have a plan in case they encounter vicious dogs. Needless to say, dogs should not be allowed to roam nor be trained to attack as these dogs obviously were.