Garbage in, garbage out applies to society


Many of us are tired of seeing the worst in people, and seeing that display regularly in the news has struck a raw nerve.

I have to agree President Donald Trump has no filter on what he says at times and some of his tweets are less than desirable. But his pro-growth for America has been good for our country. The tax reform has helped the everyday person. His tough stance on North Korea seems to be paying off. None of us would come out squeaky clean if our life was put under a magnifying glass. Those that routinely disrespect or ignore social boundaries, or are seeking attention, fame and fortune at someone else’s expense are the LCDs of our society.

Do we, as a society, feel it’s okay to tear down publicly what happened privately prior to Trump’s election? Is any of that relevant and helpful now or is it just good for TV ratings? Is this good for our children to see this along with the vulgar reality TV shows that have individuals shouting, screaming and overreacting? Are we teaching that it’s okay to have no self-control when dealing with individuals or problems in life? Do our children know the word no and realize that not everyone gets what they want? Do they understand that they have to work hard to make their own way in life, that often things go wrong despite your best efforts — and that’s just life.

Our children are being bombarded through the airways, on social media, TV and other outlets regarding what is normal. Is that really the normal we want?

Why would we ever ask why a child would shoot up a school out of anger or rejection if we build our society on anything goes?

In the computer world there is a saying, “garbage in, garbage out.” What’s the difference when you teach, train and feed bad information into children? Will they ignore the bad and only absorb the good?

Lack of any social boundaries results in lack of respect. Aren’t we now seeing that in our society?

If it makes anyone feel better, according to Hillary Clinton, I am just a deplorable who wants government accountability. Of course the Russians were meddling in the 2016 elections, just like we do to them. Somehow many have forgotten that the reelection of Mikhail Gorbachev was due to Americans meddling behind the scenes to ensure his win. Investigating collusion can be likened to Pete and Repeat game, never ending.