Candidates who will destroy their states


I just came across the article that names candidates who are running for Congress in different states. These kind of people don’t belong in the U.S., but they are trying to take over our democracy with their demented thinking. Here’s a few names and the state they want to destroy.

Sean Donahue, Pennsylvania, who said, “the U.S. was intended to be white.”

Arthur Jones, Illinois, a Holocaust denier and ex-American Nazi Party member.

Corey Stewart, Virginia. He appeared with the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis at the Charlottesville rally.

These are just a few, but there are more. These kind of people came out from under their rocks after Donald Trump became president. White supremacists celebrated Trump’s victory in 2016. They played a big role in electing Trump; so do you think he’s going against them? Charlottesville was a classic example of Trump’s loyalty to hate groups and their leaders like David Duke and Richard Spencer.

How about that Stormy Daniels? She stood up to Donald Trump and his bunch of two-bit lawyers. Trump has a history of demeaning and degrading women and then he got hooked up with Stormy. Then when questioned, he lied like a Persian rug. Whatever Trump does in his spare time, I don’t care about, but when it comes to lying to the American people about not cutting their Social Security and Medicare or cutting programs so the richest 1 percent can become richer, that is the last straw.

The problem is that our congress goes along with him.

So get out and vote Democrat.


Hermitage, Pa.