Recreational pot would bring chaos


With the new year comes new adventure for the people of California — the legalization of marijuana. Is this a blessing or a curse?

If you don’t want the devil at the dinner table, don’t open the front door. And I’m afraid that is exactly what the people of California have done.

Do we not have enough drug issues in this country that we should add insult to injury? Yes, there are so many people that will benefit from medical marijuana, but as we all know too well the dark side will soon rise to the surface and the evil will outdo the good.

There has been talk here in Ohio of making another push to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Do we, as the people of Ohio, want the devil at the dinner table?

The results of this action, I’m afraid, would bring catastrophic chaos and would undo all the good that medical marijuana would have accomplished.

Supporters of this movement, though claiming to have done mountains of research, cannot see past day after tomorrow. The ramifications of this will affect many generations to come with broad sweeping effects.

We have enough misery in this world, let’s not add another misery to the list.

Tell the supporters of this movement to take their happy plant to California.


Beaver Township