Support what Americans want


I love this! Politicians actually working, and for us!

Not the liberals and Democrats in Washington, who are still throwing tantrums.

I called and told them to vote for the cabinet to run this country as a whole; give this administration the same respect you got. It seems Democrats care more about people who have no right to come into this country. It’s a privilege that Americans value. It seems they do not care about our safety first. President Donald Trump does and put a pause (not a ban) on people coming into this country from seven foreign countries that Barack Obama put into place as a national security risk to us. Seems it was okay when he did it, but because Trump acted on it, there are protests nationwide. Obama would not let military interpreters from Iraq come to America for their safety.

The seven countries have no working government; they are in chaos, and we have to clean up the mess Obama left behind. You would think people want to prevent another 9/11. We have become complacent again.

Flash back to 1975. Jerry Brown was California governor and his friend, then-Sen. Joe Biden, refused orphans and refugees from Vietnam. He said he had too many people on welfare and too many Hispanics in his state. In 1995, Bill Clinton said the same about illegals in this country.


It seems the left cares more about a killing babies protest march funded by George Soros’ money than the right to life.

Imagine if their mothers had aborted them. It seems the left is for destruction of cities rather than making them better. Seems they keep their constituents in poverty rather than lifting them out of poverty. They have not brought jobs to America; they have let them go to foreign countries. Seems they do not stand with police, border control. Instead they stand for sanctuary cities and illegal people who kill American citizens.

To the younger generation, despite what your professors teach you, you cannot pick and choose a law you want to enforce, if you do not abide by our laws you would have anarchy.

We are the most generous country, but we can’t solve the problems of every country and we cannot take in every refugee in the world.

I don’t understand why anyone would vote Democrat when all of the above is their platform. You would think they would get smart on what true Americans want.