Ryan surfs two political waves


You have to ask yourself just how good of a leader is Tim Ryan for Trumbull County.

Trumbull County, the main part of this Democratic congressman’s district, just voted heavily for Republican President Donald Trump. This district has not voted Republican for president in decades! Ryan attended the Trump Inauguration when many fellow Democratic officeholders did not. Why? It’s simple, because Tim is a primitive thinker and not a leader.

Tim is more like a political surfer, riding the wave that is happening at the time. Instead of educating his district and leading it, he changes with the times to stay in his office. People voted for Trump and for Ryan. That’s a real contradiction because if you voted for Trump, you should have ridden those coat tails and voted for the Republican candidate.

Politics today is not what it was. It’s one-party rule or nothing. There is no more compromise for the good of the country. It’s all profit motive. Republicans did everything to block President Barack Obama. Obama did everything to keep his job, but not work for the people. It worked for both of them, but not the people.

I would consider running for Tim Ryan’s congressional seat because I know there are many easy arguments that could lead to his downfall. However, Tim knows the area’s press is controlled by mostly Republican conservatives, so he is surfing two waves at the same time. It’s time to change that kind of thinking and get back to what government is really about. That is working for all the people not just the politically connected or wealthy. That’s something both parties need to learn.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost to someone who beat her at her game. She rigged the primaries with the media, that is a fact we all now know. Then Trump used that with the Russians to win an electoral victory — but not a moral or popular vote victory — for the presidency. It was all profit driven, and at what cost? We do not have a republic or a democracy. We have something that is not defined, yet again. It takes the consent of the governed to be a republic, and Trump lost that vote by nearly 3 million.

Tim Ryan gets consent of the governed because the governed lack education of reality. The governed, for the most part, are lost in their own profit motive-driven lives.