Leaders must have higher standards


Last week I saw one of the most disgusting political events with a picture of seven Republican women that circulated widely on Facebook, all giving the party’s local chairman an obscene gesture.

What made it even worse were the comments by these women, blaming others and even saying at least they had nice smiles. Many of these women are precinct committee people, school board members, and board members or employees of the Trumbull County Board of Elections. These are the leaders of this Republican party splinter group? Every one of them should resign as members of the party or their elected or appointed positions. The public should demand this and expect no less.

If a student at Lakeview School District participated in this type of cyber bullying online, imagine the consequences for him or her. Yet a school board member is front and center in the picture and thinks it is funny. Every resident of Lakeview School District should be outraged and demand better.

Has any of these seven women apologized to the public or to the party chairman? Has anyone resigned so an adult can fill their position in the party or on the boards? I believe not. That should speak volumes of their character. Remember, you get the leadership that you tolerate.

Christine Heyd