Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Lakeview School District for hearing parents’ transportation concerns and taking it seriously to find a solution. After rerouting, the district will offer busing for all students this school year, while still trimming transportation costs. Initially, Lakeview had planned to cut bus services in certain areas due to finances. Now, kids will be on the bus longer, but fewer routes will cut costs. We applaud the district’s effort to go back to the drawing board on this important issue.

• ONION: To Bazetta trustees and former police chief Mike Hovis who passed over officer Nathan Greathouse for a promotion to police sergeant in 2018. Since then, arbitration determined Greathouse should have received the promotion, and he recently was awarded the position, along with back pay of nearly $10,000. The decision also now has required the police department to add a second sergeant’s position, which has not existed since the early 2000s. This poor 2018 decision ended up being very costly for taxpayers in the long run.

• ORCHID: To the Trumbull County Educational Service Center’s Educational Extension Pre-Apprenticeship Program, which this week dedicated a new facility at the back of Lordstown Elementary School. The facility and program teaches important skills to make students workforce ready. The pre-apprenticeship program is funded entirely by a grant through the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation. It is free and open to all students from public schools in Trumbull County. It also helps expose students to viable employers close to home.

• ONION: To Turning Point Action, an organization planning rallies for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as part of Republican Senate hopeful J.D. Vance’s campaign, including one to the Mahoning Valley next Friday. After a Youngstown location was announced, it came to light the venue already had advised promoters the location was unavailable that day. After scrambling for a couple days, the MetroPlex in Liberty was announced as the new location. This isn’t the only scheduling snafu for the group. Turning Point also canceled a DeSantis rally Sunday in New Mexico due to “scheduling conflicts,” and changed venues for a Pittsburgh rally next week, in addition to Youngstown’s rally. The mess only serves to confuse Vance and DeSantis supporters.

• ORCHID: To the Lordstown school district for its plans to renovate and upgrade its high school science labs. The $350,000 project set to be completed by December will modernize and update science labs in two classrooms. We are pleased to see the upgrade because of the importance of maintaining our academic facilities so our youth may keep up with developing technology, particularly in areas of STEM.

• ONION: To activists who react angrily with unreasonable dangerous and illegal acts, triggered by political issues. In Cincinnati this week, a gunman died in a shootout after trying to get inside the FBI office after it appears he posted social media calls to take up arms in the wake of the search at Donald Trump’s Florida home. Other officials have warned of increased threats against federal agents following Mar-a-Lago’s search. Indeed, the First Amendment guarantees a right to gather and protest. But violent and illegal actions are not an acceptable way to communicate displeasure.


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