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Really? The Howland School District is planning to build a fine and performing arts center next to the high school? The high school building is in terrible condition, yet the board of education wants to build this new structure for the arts? I am not anti-arts, but the priority should be the school building itself.


I usually like entertainment writer Andy Gray’s reviews, but I believe he was way off base about the “Elvis” movie. There are plenty of folks that have seen the movie and loved it. I saw it last night, and it was amazing. I guess you have to be an Elvis fan to really understand all he went through in his lifetime. Be kind, Andy!


Why are we having local officers police interstate highways? Don’t they have enough to do in their localities? I see Cortland cruisers parked outside city limits in businesses’ parking lots. Maybe Cortland doesn’t need all their officers. There used to be more sheriff’s presence in Johnston. That seems to have evaporated. Speed limits are not obeyed. Sooner or later, there will be a tragedy in Johnston if law enforcement doesn’t step up there!


The new headlights on the newer vehicles burn your retinas on their approach to you at night. Oh, but they save energy. On your car? YOUR car?


Billionaires who don’t live here and may have never visited Ohio are rushing in to buy a Senate seat. They don’t care about anyone here; they just want a puppet to do their bidding in Washington. They chose Ohio because they found complacency and a willing soul. To protect Ohio’s future, we must support the candidate committed to common good. Donations from Ohio residents and businesses plus vocal support will defeat the billionaire machine. Don’t let Ohio be ravaged.


“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” This quote was from the late comedian George Carlin. He passed away in 2008, so he didn’t live long enough to watch it actually happen on Jan. 6, 2021.


Ohio just passed HB99, which allows teachers to carry a gun at school with just 24 hours of training. Teacher and police organizations were against this legislation. Over 350 people testified against this, with only 19 people testifying for it. Included in the 19 was a CEO of company that provides exactly such training! And the owner of that company is an Ohio senator who helped draft the legislation. Seems a little fishy.


Fifty years of work and prayer overturned Roe v. Wade, proving to be courageous while following the Constitution. Democrats’ platform supports abortion. How can any Democrat claim to be Christian? Definition of abort is terminate / kill. The Declaration leads with this, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Why do Democrats ignore “life”?




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