Election may be small, but value is still critical

Choice is what makes America great.

Indeed, this is not the first time we’ve used this space to remind voters of that fact.

We have consistently stressed the importance of choice in local elections because we believe political competition always raises the bar in elected office, particularly on issues such as government spending and transparency. It demands that officeholders don’t get too comfortable in their roles as public servants and that they always are held accountable for their decisions and campaign promises.

Warren and Niles voters today (and again in November) will reap the benefits of candidate choices. We urge residents in these cities, along with Democratic voters residing in Girard’s 4th Ward and Hubbard’s 2nd Ward, to make the most of their ballot options by heading to the polls today to cast their ballots for the candidate they believe will best represent each city.

Democratic voters in Niles will pick among four Democrats seeking the party’s nomination to fill three council at-Large seats.

We urge registered voters to fulfill their civic responsibility by casting a ballot today.

It’s true, polling places in many communities will not be open today because today’s primary election focuses mostly on municipal races. But there will be immensely more races in the fall with candidates seeking election as township trustees or fiscal officers and local board of education members, along with general election races in area municipalities.

So, if you’re not yet registered, don’t delay in completing the necessary paperwork to enable you to vote in November’s general election.

The polls are open today from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Don’t forget to bring your identification, which can be a valid state ID like a driver’s license, a military ID, a copy of a current utility bill or bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document containing your accurate address. You can vote by provisional ballot if you do not have an identification document.

Our system of government in the United States is based on participation by the electorate. Please participate.

In case you missed it, here is a brief recap of political candidate endorsements issued in recent weeks by the Tribune Chronicle editorial board in some of today’s primary races:

• Warren City Council, 1st Ward: Amanda Powell-Hebert;

• Warren City Council, 2nd Ward: Andrew Herman;

• Warren City Council, 6th Ward: Cheryl Saffold;

• Warren City Council, 7th Ward: Susan Hartman;

• Niles City Council, at-Large (3 to elect): Albert Cantola Jr., Richard Hale, Jimmy




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