Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To members of the United Steelworkers Local 2155 and also to management at Pittsburgh-based Howmet for working together to reach a new two-year agreement that will save the Weathersfield plant’s titanium melt shop from closing and keep the facility viable for when the aerospace industry recovers from the viral pandemic. Each side gave a little in a commendable negotiating session that seems to have culminated with a labor pact that is beneficial to the company, to the workers and to the local economy.

• ORCHID: To local resident Thomas Cool; Chris James, a maintenance worker at North-Mar Church; and to Warren police officer David Weber. Their swift actions Wednesday helped save the life of the semi-conscious motorist who crashed his car. The vehicle was burning, and the doors were locked. The three scrambled to break the car window, and Weber’s knife was used to cut the seat belt. During the ordeal, Weber’s pants caught on fire. Warren Fire Department also is commended for its quick response.

• ONION: To Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa for using inappropriate language during disagreements he had with Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith, formerly also county sanitary engineer, as described in a letter from Smith to commissioners released last week. Cantalamessa acknowledged the inappropriate language and said he was not proud of it. Language like this is never OK in the work place. All managers — and commissioners especially — must keep the bar high on professionalism and appropriate language.

• ORCHID: To Bernadette McElroy, a supervisor with the Trumbull County Child Support Enforcement Agency for raising the issue to Trumbull commissioners about the need for them to recognize Black History Month. Sadly, new Commissioner Niki Frenchko said historically commissioners have done nothing for Black History Month. That’s not acceptable. On the brighter side, however, commissioners say they will seek suggestions and plan to do better in recognizing this important part of American and local history.

• ORCHID: To Gov. Mike DeWine for lifting Ohio’s curfew after the number of COVID-19-related hospitalizations have continued to decline. Now it’s up to Ohioans to follow the rules of social distancing and mask wearing to ensure the cases stay low.


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