Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Cortland for taking steps to recognize good deeds in the city. The city is kicking off “Kudos to Cortland,” a program to reward positive actions that impact residents and the community. Gifts, which will be used as rewards, have been donated by local businesses. During this tough year full of political divisiveness, quarantines and the COVID-19 pandemic, we all sure can use a little extra positivity!

• ORCHID: To all residents, organizations and local governments who took special steps to ensure trick-or-treating went off safely and without a hitch last week, despite the pandemic. Most of us were able to pull together a plan to ensure the kids could enjoy the day without it turning into a “mass spreader” event.

• ONION: To those delinquent in paying their taxes. McDonald village Solicitor Doug Ross said last week the village is finding it necessary to take new steps to crack down on delinquent income tax payers. The village already is working with the Regional Income Tax Agency, but it’s not enough. Residents and workers must follow the law and pay their fair share.

• ORCHID: To the Newton Falls School District for boosting the community’s spirit with the new program known as “30 Days of Gratitude.” The school district is challenging students to use creativity to place uplifting messages through the village and township via banners, pictures and signs. Specifically, they are seeking art projects, poetry, essays, journaling, special messages and songs with positive messages about what they are grateful and appreciative for. Board Vice President Amie Crowder said this: “It has been a rough year for everyone. We want to center on the positive and what we have to be thankful for.”

What a fabulous idea!

• ORCHID: To the enormous number of voters who turned out either in advance, by mail or in person on Tuesday to do their civic duty. Nearly 71 percent of Mahoning County registered voters and more than 72 percent in Trumbull County turned out to vote. Statewide, a record 5.81 million voters cast their votes. No matter where you stand in your beliefs, we are thrilled to see so many Ohioans step up to make their voices heard.


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