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Thanks to Trumbull County Board of Elections staff during unique circumstances. We voted early previously and the board office was always congested, so we had concerns. Very pleased with ease of voting this year. Great idea to move early voting to the Chase building with safety protocols of social distancing, plexiglass shields, staff sanitizing surfaces, desks / chairs available if needed. Really appreciated!

— Warren

As an early election poll worker, thank you to our voters for your public and private statements regarding how well early voting is going. Everyone here is working hard, putting in many long hours. Our ability to function so well reflects on immense support from administrators and employees at the Trumbull County Board of Elections. The pat on the back from the public is much appreciated!

— Howland

I guess if Dan Polivka, chairman of Trumbull County Democratic Party, doesn’t want to support presidential candidate Joe Biden with a column, I won’t vote for any Democrats. This presidential election is too important for someone with Mr. Polivka’s stature to sit out. The local party needs to be punished for keeping this Democrat in name only as their leader.

— Warren

Your published “Absentee ballot numbers” box doesn’t include number of ballots not received. I mailed my application in early September; as of Oct. 19, I’m still waiting for the ballot. The board of elections last week indicated they have my application but haven’t mailed the ballot. I was told I would receive it “any day,” but it’s still not here. How many people will not get their ballots back in time to be counted?

— Cortland

Where are the police / highway patrol on the state Route 5 / 82 bypass? Speed limit goes from 65 mph to 55 mph, east and west. Who goes 55? I do. I’ve had a couple of speeding tickets (not there), so I set the cruise control. These maniacs go 70 mph in the 55 zone and 80 in the 65 zone. Something needs to be done!

— Champion

Endorsement of President Trump by Officer Crites was condemned (granted, it should not have been on the police Facebook page) and led to public humiliation and censure. A Biden mask worn by attorney Goodman in Judge McKay’s courtroom was obviously acceptable, even though it was worn in open court and pictured in the Tribune Chronicle. No rebuke for the attorney? Double standard? If one is publicly reprimanded, both should be.

— Warren

Monday night, Newton Falls officials met with a 10-person mandate. Residents couldn’t attend, but could watch on Facebook or call in. It appeared Trumbull County commissioners and highway engineer were guests. A resident demanded he be allowed in. I watched him scream and pound on the windows, acting violently. I am not sure what happened, but I shudder to think what our commissioners thought of our little town.

— Newton Falls

I recently saw an article about a so called Christian group super PAC who opposes Trump. It’s OK to do this because we still have the freedom to do so, but do not say you are a Christian and support and vote for liberal Joe Biden. Anyone who describes himself a Bible-believing Christian cannot vote for a Democrat. A genuine Christian will not vote for a candidate who does not stand for Bible principles.

— Warren

Joe Biden has a reputable history in politics and a record of working across the aisle. Throughout his life he created laws and systems fair and helpful for everybody, not just wealthy. He shows compassion for all Americans and pays his share of income taxes. I cannot connect a single one of these qualities with the current president, can you?

­– Cortland

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