Sean O’Brien should keep his Ohio Senate seat

Republican Sandra O’Brien of Rome in southern Ashtabula County believes strongly that the local Ohio Senate District would benefit greatly from a GOP senator.

She says minority party senators simply don’t have “a seat at the table” of the Republican-controlled state legislature.

“There have been 15 budget cycles where we have not had a seat at the table, that we have missed out on,” Sandra O’Brien said. “I don’t believe that is acceptable.”

We might be persuaded if Sen. Sean O’Brien, D-Bazetta, weren’t the legislator she is hoping to unseat.

However, incumbent Sean O’Brien consistently is known for his ability to transcend party politics and work across the aisle in Columbus.

It’s his relationships that have helped Sean O’Brien bring home the funds needed for a significant waterline installation project known as “Blueprint for Prosperity” in parts of northern Trumbull County. He tells us that lobbyists have been known to approach him seeking assistance in gaining support from the other side of the aisle.

We also believe Sean O’Brien has taken logical approaches to important issues in Columbus, remaining open and focused on the wants and needs of his constituents.

He supports House Bill 13, which would help provide funding to bring new broadband infrastructure to unserved or underserved areas of Ohio, including its 32nd Senate District. He said he supports school funding legislation introduced by Ohio Reps. Robert Cupp and John Patterson that recommends significant funding boosts and simplified formulas for state education spending. Calling that bill “fair and equitable,” Sean O’Brien said it should be adopted.

Sean O’Brien said he wants a straight repeal of HB 6, the nuclear bailout bill that he called “tainted” by bribery and corruption charges stemming from the bill’s passage.

The former Trumbull County assistant prosecutor said he favors the governor’s gun bill. In stressing that he understands gun rights, the Democratic legislator said he is a gun owner and has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Still, he believes common sense is needed in background checks for gun buyers.

Sandra O’Brien expressed conservative views and described herself as a big supporter of President Donald Trump.

She is a big supporter of gun rights and says, if elected, she would fight for reduced taxes and fewer regulations to allow businesses opportunities to grow. She said she is not a big supporter of tax incentives, noting that government should not “pick winners and losers.”

Indeed, each candidate brought interesting perspectives to the table.

However, at the end of the day, Sean O’Brien has served his district well. As a proven senator for the 32nd district, we believe Sean O’Brien should retain his post for another term.


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