Orchids and onions

ORCHID: To Doug Genna, Youngstown State University associate professor of chemistry, and Mariah DeFuria, a 2017 YSU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, for their design of a newly patented material that could assist in the process of removing pharmaceuticals increasingly found in tap water. This is an emerging problem, as reported by the World Health Organization. DeFuria is believed to be the first student co-inventor on an issued patent in YSU’s 112-year history. Bravo!

ONION: To area drivers who have been taking advantage of roadways emptied by the coronavirus pandemic by pushing well past the speed limit. The Ohio State Highway Patrol tells us they have been clocking increasingly more motorists driving at excess speeds, including one driver clocked last week in Mahoning County going 101 mph, and another 93 mph. In August, 873,451 vehicles traveled on I-680, with 7 percent, or about 7,000 vehicles, traveling at least 20 mph over the speed limit. Just because more motorists are staying safe by staying home during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean those who aren’t home get a free pass to endanger themselves and others on the highways.

ORCHID: To members of Corner House Christian Church in Hubbard Township, who have been cleaning up and restoring the aging church cemetery. The church hosted a cemetery rededication ceremony Sunday to honor the Jesse Hall family, who originally donated land for the cemetery, and to recognize all the volunteers who have assisted in the cleanup project. There are 178 people buried there, including 16 veterans, and Jesse Hall himself, who served in the Revolutionary War.

ONION: To vandals that defaced not once, not twice, but three times, a landmark Kent State University “rock,” since classes started last month. The large boulder that students traditionally have painted and repainted at the Kent State main campus three times has been painted with white supremacist graffiti. Now the university is considering costly measures to fence or protect the rock with security


ORCHID: To parents and student athletes who seem to be following pandemic protocol that, so far, has allowed high school fall sports to move forward with few problems. Social distancing, mask wearing and limited attendance seem to be helping, and our health-conscious student athletes seem to be handling the situation well. Let’s hope it continues so we can finish the season without interruption.


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