Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Niles McKinley High School senior Ariana DeLuca for spearheading a yearlong effort to start a garden club raising peppers, tomatoes, corn and other vegetables behind Niles Middle School. About 15 students are participating in this worthwhile project that isn’t just about gardening. When harvested, the fresh bounty will be donated to Niles Community Services to help the needy. Said Ariana, “I think it’s more about giving back to the community any way I can.” Bravo!

• ONION: To residents who take in animals for which they are unable to care. Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office deputies last week were called to a North Bloomfield home where they said they found several loose animals run amok in deplorable conditions, and even a dead kitten in a closet. There is no excuse for taking in animals that can’t or won’t be cared for properly.

• ORCHID: To boosters who organized the Girard FIRST Robocats Robotics Team parking lot bingo fundraiser earlier this week. Participants in more than 35 cars showed up to take part in the fun event that raised money for the team while keeping everyone safe and appropriately distanced. Great idea!

• ONION: To the person who left a loaded rifle — with a round chambered — in a roadside ditch surrounded by high grass at a Weathersfield business. Thankfully, a responsible adult found the weapon as he was mowing the grass and called police, who found no record of ownership attached to the weapon. What fool would dispose of a weapon this way? What if a child or someone less responsible had found the gun?

• ORCHID: To many Newton Falls residents who took pride in their community this week by quickly snapping into action when graffiti, much of it profane, was discovered spray-painted inside the walls of the bike tunnel between Jay and Lock streets in the village. Dozens turned out to help clean up the mess, many spending their own money on the necessary cleaning supplies. The mess was first discovered by Kim Gregg, leader of the neighborhood night watch, and her fiance, Adam Harris.

• ONION: To parents of a bunch of juveniles who have been wreaking havoc in Girard. Residents in the area of Ward and Forsythe avenues are so fed up that they went to council for help. They complained these teenagers are vandalizing and harassing area residents, breaking vehicle windows, agitating pets, destroying property and trespassing, and then using profanity and vulgarity as retaliation when police are contacted. This is more than a minor annoyance. These are criminal acts. Police must get involved and make some arrests. And in the meantime, parents need to keep better track of their children!


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