Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To all the volunteers who turned out this week to help remove American flags from area veterans’ graves, according to tradition. Some 3,000 flags were removed. Volunteers had placed the flags on area graves in May, in honor of Memorial Day. It is a time-consuming process, but one that comes with great respect and appreciation.

• ONION: To the company that originally designed and / or built the roof at Warren’s Willard PK-8 School. After just 12 years, the roof now needs to be replaced, costing the school district more than $707,000. School officials say roofing tiles around the ventilation system became brittle, and the joists in some areas needed to be replaced because condensation that built up between the roof, shingles and ceiling near air conditioning units damaged the roof. Now the school is examining whether to take any legal action. Considering the company contracted to build the roof, VEC, went out of business shortly after the work was completed, we are not optimistic that anyone other than the taxpayers will pay this bill.

• ORCHID: To Howland schools for adding a robotics class as a new opportunity for students to learn valuable STEM (science, math, engineering and technology) skills next year. As Principal Joe Simko noted, the ability to code and understand the world of robotics and automation increasingly is important because technology skills are highly desirable in the jobs market. We agree.

• ONION: To any Trumbull County residents and visitors who are not complying with the face mask mandate that came largely due to quickly rising numbers of novel coronavirus cases in the county. Rather than complain, we should be working together on this to ensure face mask use, continued social distancing and personal hygiene diligence will bring the virus numbers down and help us all to be COVID-free and in good health.

• ORCHID: To Donna and Duane Tricker of Kinsman who showcased their amazing antique tractor collection at their Perkins Greenville Road home for visitors and passersby to enjoy between Father’s Day and the Fourth of July weekend. In fact, the couple invites passersby to stop and see the collection of 20 tractors with a sign at the end of the driveway welcoming anyone to look around.


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