Raise and salute Old Glory today

Today, Flag Day, is a day when thoughtful Americans pay homage to what Old Glory represents.

This year, for many reasons, our nation has felt divided. There have been racial protests in recent weeks from coast to coast. There has been division among Americans over the issue of closing or reopening America in the face of a global pandemic. And, of course, the political divide between Democrats and Republicans seems increasingly to widen.

These are just to name a few.

The beauty of America, though, is that we are free to be vocal about our differences. We have the right to peaceably assemble to protest for our beliefs.

The flag, of course, symbolizes our nation and the freedoms that we enjoy.

Yes, we understand our nation is not perfect, but we are a people determined to make it better, as did our ancestors.

We, as a people, have a past in which we have made many mistakes. Unequivocally, we will continue to err.

Despite those errors, we know the overwhelming majority of Americans are good-hearted people.

Indeed, no other people on the face of the earth devote as much of what we Americans earn to helping others, both here and abroad. No other people anguish as we do over the rights of others. No other people want peace as much as we do.

Our flag stands for our nation, both as we are and as we hope to be.

Today, then, ought to be a day to raise Old Glory and to salute it. Long may she wave!


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