Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To three Valley foundations for collaborating on grant-making efforts to help support organizations working toward the region’s re-emergence from the COVID-19 health crisis. The Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, Raymond John Wean Foundation and Youngstown Foundation released an updated application this week, the COVID-19 Crisis Relief and Stabilization Application. (It’s available on their websites.) Together, the foundations have invested more than $877,000 in the Mahoning Valley since mid-March, focusing almost solely on crisis relief efforts. Now, they hope to focus on investing in the Valley’s resurgence efforts. What a wonderful collaborative effort!

• ORCHID: To Bristol Local Schools Board of Education for waiving fees for the 2019-20 year, including pay-to-participate for spring sports and art and technology fees for the fourth nine weeks for grades 7 and 8 because of the coronavirus. Families who already paid will be reimbursed. Considering lessons were taught remotely and spring sports never happened, it only makes sense that these fees be waived. We hope all area schools are doing the same.

• ONION: To residents who don’t control their dogs that often become vicious to mail carriers, as well as other delivery people visiting their addresses. The U.S. Postal Service says an estimated 5,800 carriers nationwide suffered dog attacks in 2019, making dog bites among the most serious problems that carriers face. Public awareness of this issue is being raised as part of the U.S. Postal Service’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Pet owners, keep your dogs in check!

• ORCHID: To all the folks who turned out to offer Charlene Allen of Warren a 75-vehicle surprise caravan for her 75th birthday this week. Vehicles decorated with signs and balloons paraded by the home as Charlene sat on a lawn chair in front of her house, rising to receive cards, gifts and signs from the parade participants.

• ORCHID: To Ellen Tressel, wife of Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel, for donating five of 10 new hand-washing stations being set up around campus in time for students’ August return. The touchless wash stations each provide four washing units that allow for hundreds of 20-second washes per hour. Great idea! Now, let’s just hope these young people — who often feel invincible — use them.


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