Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To all the area educators who have been finding unique ways to inspire their students to learn, despite being miles apart. One of them, Lakeview Middle School social studies teacher Scott Chronister, said he believes the best way to teach history to his eighth-grade students is to make it relevant to them — which is why he started creating YouTube videos using his collection of vintage toys.

• ONION: To the owner of three vicious dogs running loose last week in Newton Falls. A woman was bit by one dog, and other residents were cornered and approached aggressively by the dogs. One of the dogs was shot and killed by police. Eventually, the dogs’ owner came to claim them, police said. No dogs this vicious should ever be allowed out of the owner’s sight.

• ORCHID: To three Mahoning Valley foundations for their collaborative effort in assisting local nonprofit organizations seeking COVID-19 grant funding. Together, Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, Raymond John Wean Foundation and Youngstown Foundation are simplifying their grant processes by creating the “COVID-19 Crisis Relief Application” grant request process for nonprofits addressing impacts of the health crisis. Indeed, we all must work together in this critical time of need.

• ONION: To residents and others who increasingly are using latex and rubber gloves these days, but can’t seem to find the trash cans when they remove them. Discarded and possibly contaminated gloves are beginning to pollute parking lots, roadsides and other public areas, assumingly after users rid themselves of them. When you’re done, please dispose of the gloves properly.

• ORCHID: To Hubbard’s Mayor Ben Kyle, Hubbard school officials and others who are working together to bring some Easter cheer to the community, despite the stay-at-home order in place. The Hubbard Eagle and the Easter Bunny will drive through the streets of Hubbard today, and they’ve invited residents to participate by decorating their front windows or lawns to signal the Bunny. Residents also may follow along with The Hubbard Eagle on Facebook as he goes live to “tail” the bunny as he travels through the community. What a wonderful idea!


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