Sound off!

• Newton Falls city manager’s proactiveness at the last public meeting, having safety officials there and school superintendent, was informative and impressive. To let the public participate by phone was equally impressive. But a local anarchist decided he wasn’t playing by the rules from law enforcement and attended the meeting anyway. What if this person carried coronavirus and didn’t know it and got others infected, while at the meeting. One caller stated that individual had total disregard for his own health and others, and wanted to play the role of martyr and should have been charged and jailed immediately.

— Newton Falls

• Has anyone besides me noticed the huge amounts of trash along many roads in Trumbull and Mahoning counties? I’m talking about cans, papers, bottles, plastics, etc. Can we get service groups, anyone needing to perform community service, Scouts, volunteers, correctional facility residents, neighbors, etc., to help with this problem? I surely hope most trash has blown around throughout winter, settling by roadsides and not thrown out of car windows.

— Girard

• The older generation is smart. We grew up learning history and the evil of socialism. It was Hitler, Stalin, Lenin. The younger millennials are not so smart. They grew up with Harry Potter and evil characters from a book and movies. The real evil that i thought would never earn praise in today’s world by them is OAC and socialists. Seems this generation will never learn.

— Niles

l The Diamond Princess exposed 3,711 “healthy” passengers to coronavirus. The good news is only 705 got sick (about 20 percent). Of these, only 6 elderly passengers died during a prolonged quarantine. This suggests coronavirus’ death rate is about 1 percent among the stricken. Every year in America our common flu’s death rate is about 0.1 percent and kills roughly 50,000 elderly Americans. Do the math: Coronavirus could add another 500,000 annual elderly victims to this toll.

— Warren

• The epidemic has revealed a lack of testing. South Korea’s per-capita testing rate equates to 1.5 million tested, whereas America has managed just over 13,000. It has brought out the worst in President Trump, exposing his tendency to bluff his way through life. We had lead time to prepare, as the virus spread in China, but Trump’s administration wasted it. In most global crises, the U.S. takes the lead and provides comfort and assurances to the world. In this one, Trump has been mostly AWOL .

— Warren

• Our area has free clinics for people with no insurance. People who want free health care, free college tuition and free everything should move to a socialist country for a few years. Then they would appreciate our democratic United States of America.

— Howland

• Alcohol-based hand cleaners and rubber gloves are substitutes for soap and water when it’s not available. If people who work in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, etc., would wash their hands for 20 seconds before touching patients and equipment, and those who work in restaurants and food service wash their hands before touching food and utensils and after touching money, the world would be a healthier place.

— Mineral Ridge

• Now the cowardly leaders of the Democratic Party are attacking President Trump about the coronavirus. They are delighted by the way something has finally tumbled the stock market. I have very good Democratic friends, and one told me recently, “I must say I’m disappointed in my party.” He does not like the leadership. The national media is using scare tactics to crumble Trump’s accomplishments. They are cowardly, too.

— Williamsfield

• What an embarrassment national leadership has been handling the coronavirus pandemic, possibly leading to tragic consequences. National stockpiles of medical masks, gloves and ventilators are woefully short. Without personal protective items, how will hospital staff cope with this highly contagious disease? Does the Mahoning Valley have a coordinated working task force planning for these possible eventualities? We’ve had two months to get prepared. Are we?

— Howland