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• Anyone believing removal of the Leavittsead dam removal study states: “Because low-head dams typically function as run-of-river systems do not provide a flood control function, removal of low-head dams on flooding would be minimal.” “In direct effect of low-head dam removal can result in increased flood elevation.” No official will tell you dam removal will stop flooding.

— Leavittsburg

• I join with the campaign to keep intact the Leavittsburg dam. This large river dam is historic, serves community purposes and is not an environmental issue. I believe the Mahoning River dams at Girard and near Marshall Street in Youngstown also should be kept, being respectively, part of the old Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal and a waterpower source of the once impressive Baldwin’s Mill in the Youngstown central business district.

— Newton Falls

• Of late, I’ve noticed people spitting out in public. It’s a nasty habit. It needs to stop. Especially now with the coronavirus running rampant. If you think this makes you look “cool,” think again. It makes you look stupid.

— Warren

• Maybe something positive will come from this virus crisis. Perhaps we will wake us for the need to make more in the USA and stop importing so much from China. Today China is threatening to withhold items produced in China. Also, 90 percent of our toilet paper is manufactured right here in the USA, and there is nothing wrong with our drinking water, so why the hoarding? I have faith in our advanced medical knowledge and know our nation will come through this stronger and hopefully wiser.

— Warren

• You’ve got to hand it to the political spin doctors. Who else could convince voters that government medical insurance for a single mom with a sick kid is “rampant socialism,” while a multi-billion dollar bailout of business owners is a fine example of good old American individualism.

— Warren

• We get the idea that people are dying like flies from the coronavirus. It is a medical problem. The far greater problem is the hate and anger that exists in our society. What happened to love and respect for each other? Open up your hearts America. I know the cure. Subdue our egos.

— Howland

• Under socialism we would be taxed far more than what we pay for health care until our savings are gone! People who worked and paid into Medicare and saved for retirement should not have to pay for those who didn’t work and those who didn’t want to work.

— Howland

• Years ago when I saw news clips of Saddam Hussein spreading propaganda and piracy lies to his people they actually believed him and it worked! My first thought was: Have those people lost their mind? Modern technology with the internet, Facebook, etc. has made people “gullible and stupid.” Words and facts matter. That’s something missing from this current leader. The technique Saddam used, I thought, would never happen here. Apparently, I was wrong. It has! I might be “old school” but my mother didn’t raise a fool!

— Hubbard

• Approximately 328 million people are in the U.S. and 2 to 4 million Coronavirus tests are available. Trump said anyone wanting a test can get one. He’s blaming the spread here on Europeans. Medical experts say this will get worse. Trump, Republicans and Sean Hannity have called it a Democratic hoax to get Trump out of office, which is despicable. Republican lies will probably cost some people their lives if they believe them. There never has been a more dangerous administration.

— Girard


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