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• Why is it that Mathews Local Schools can’t ever seem to get their honor roll sent in a timely manner so that it is included in the special section? These kids deserve the recognition of hard work. Academics is just as important as any sporting event!


• Girard city be careful what you wish for. High water rates pale in comparison to costly repairs caused by poorly treated water and badly maintained supply lines. The contract switch years ago from Aqua Ohio to Niles water has led to multiple replacements of fixtures and appliances, costing hundreds of dollars. Maintaining the status quo is not preferable to renegotiating for a better water supplier.


• The post office will not deliver packages that don’t fit into the mailbox. You must go to the post office and pick them up. What about senior citizens who might not be able to get to the post office? What people who work and don’t get off before the post office closes? Are they going to hold the packages indefinitely until you can make arrangements to pick them up? Our government at work again causing problems.


• 40 percent of poll respondents think Myles Garrett should not be suspended for ripping a quarterback’s helmet from his head and smashing it into that player’s unprotected skull? Worst NFL display of “sportsmanship” ever! We’ll see what the NFL has to say about that. Winning with grace in Cleveland against the Steelers for the first time in 5 years!


• To grow mushrooms, you keep them in the dark and feed them horse manure. What a remarkable similarity to Schiff and Pelosi’s inquisition style of impeachment hearings! They use false pretense, lies and clandestine meetings to impeach our duly elected president and leak “select” items to the fake national news media. These do-nothing’s continue receiving enormous, unearned, paychecks and perks paid by the American taxpayers for nothing accomplished! We the American taxpayers are not your mushrooms!


• The last time Frank LaRose was here he “ensured” us he had everything under control and that his office was working in a bipartisan manner to make sure every vote counts. Then, two days after he left, reports came out that registered voters had been removed who shouldn’t have. I don’t care if it is a 6,800-voter mistake or if it is 40,000-voter mistake, once I am lied to about something, that person that lied loses my confidence forever.


• Myles Garrett should steal a play from the Trump playbook and claim he did nothing wrong. Myles then should blame the Steelers, accuses them of “witch hunt” and orchestrating it to get him ousted from the NFL. Ever since he was drafted, Steelers view him as a threat to dominance over the Browns. Clearly, Myles acted in self-defense! Unfortunately, Browns fans, Myles is too classy for this play.


• After two weeks of impeachment testimony, I believe we have a criminal in the White House. Trump tried to bribe the Ukraine by threatening to withhold $400 million if Ukraine publicly announced an investigation of Joe Biden and his son. Ukraine is currently at war with Russia. If Russia can take over Ukraine, they could again become the Soviet Union, Putin’s obsession. This is why I believe Puti put trump in the White House.



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