Orchids & onions

• ORCHID: To the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Trumbull County Veterans Service Commission, along with Denise DeBartolo York, Stifel Investments and Covelli Enterprises, who teamed up this week to provide 100 turkeys, side dishes and pies for area veterans in need. What a beautiful way to thank these fine veterans for their service to our country.

• ONION: To Weathersfield officers and Niles Municipal Court that sent a message to a good Samaritan who had rescued a stray dog running loose in traffic. The message? That she’d have been better off not getting involved. The woman ended up paying a $264 fine after she left the dog at a vet clinic that she believed had found a volunteer to take the dog. It was late at night, and statements from other experts in animal rescue make it sound to us like she attempted to do everything the right way. The outcome, however, is exactly why good people in today’s society choose not to get involved.

• ORCHID: To township officials from Kinsman, Johnston, Greene and Gustavus and emergency medical service administrators from the fire departments, who are beginning to revisit the possibility of continuing a joint ambulance contract in which Johnston fire provides ambulance and EMS to the neighboring communities, under a contract for services. We hope they can continued this regionalized service.

• ONION: To more than 2,000 Bristol residents who failed to return surveys sent by the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer’s office seeking their interest in waterline extensions from Champion along state Route 45 to Bristol Center. Of 3,500 surveys sent, only about 700 were returned. We understand residents might not agree with the waterline project. But is it too much to ask for them to complete the survey and return it with their opinion on the project that will affect their community and their neighbors?

• ORCHID: To those involved in the Girard panel discussion this week about e-cigarettes and youth that examined the dangers of e-cigarettes, especially as it pertains to young users. This is an important discussion in order to head off use of any nicotine products by our kids.



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