Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Lordstown Village Council for voting 2-4 Monday against a plan that would have established new limits on tax abatements that could be negotiated in the village. If it had passed, it effectively would have bound the hands of economic development officials and surely would have had a negative effect on new business growth. Council made the right decision in saying no.

• ORCHID: To members of the Southington Cemetery Association, and to all similar groups that spend their time ensuring area cemeteries — even very aged ones — are properly upkept by weeding and straightening and cleaning grave markers. In a recent project, the Southington group unearthed a grave marker at the Old German Reformed Cemetery for Harry Packard, 2-year-old son of Warren Packard and his first wife. What an incredible discovery!

• ONION: To the Trumbull County Board of Elections for voting 4-0 to delay until 2021 the election to fill unexpired terms of two Newton Falls council positions being filled by council appointees. The village charter says, however, that elections to fill unexpired terms should occur during the next general election, which is November 2020. It seems the elections board may have based its decision more on what could be reasonably handled during the presidential election, and less on what the Newton Falls municipal charter says. Now the decision is being considered by the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.

• ORCHID: To Newton Falls council that this week established a community reinvestment area that will allow businesses to receive tax abatements and residential properties to get housing rehabilitation funds, all in the hopes of encouraging new construction for commercial, industrial or even residential properties.

• ORCHID: To Lordstown Local Schools — and many other area school districts — that are holding events in recognition of our area’s veterans. These events go far in saluting those who have served and in reminding our young people the importance of honoring and thanking our veterans.