Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Warren Township trustees for seeking grants totaling about $134,000 that would be used to add sidewalks on the west side of Tod Avenue SW. If approved, the township would pay between $19,000 and $23,000 — about 20 percent of the project. Grants are an excellent way to stretch limited local funds, especially on worthwhile projects where safety of pedestrians and youngsters walking to school at Jefferson PK-8 is at stake. Efforts are also underway to get a flashing pedestrian walkway sign in the area.

• ORCHID: To Healthy Hearts and Paws Project in Brookfield and the Mahoning County Dog Pound for their alertness, quick response and involvement in getting a dog stolen nearly a year ago from a Brookfield yard returned to his owner, who had never stopped looking.

• ONION: To the thieves who stole a 40-inch flat-screen television from the pastor’s office at Trinity Baptist Church on Highland Avenue SW in Warren. The church was broken into and the TV stolen. Sadly, this is not the first time that church has been burglarized. Theft always deserves an onion. But breaking into a house of God? Really? How low can we go?

• ORCHID: To all those who have opened their homes and hearts to children in need. This week, Trumbull County Probate Court Judge James A. Fredericka and his staff helped bring attention to the matter by hosting this year’s annual event in recognition of National Adoption Month. Also taking part was Trumbull County Children Services. National Adoption Day helps to raise awareness of the more than 125,000 children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States.

• ORCHID: To Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, elected officials, residents and businesses playing an active role in helping to develop a plan to improve the Belmont Avenue Corridor in Liberty Township. Steps to seek input from those who live near or frequently travel the busy roadway are key in reaching the important goals that include increased accessibility of existing transportation networks and emphasized multi-modal transportation options, support of ongoing and future economic development that will contribute to a vibrant community and offer solutions for transportation issues along the corridor.